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About Sherry Swift

Hi I’m Sherry Swift the Broker in Charge! I’m originally from Michigan graduating from Ferris State University with a degree in Accounting. Then to satisfy a long time dream of mine I moved to Southern California where I worked as an accountant till I decided it was time for a major career change so in 1999 I made the switch to Real Estate and never looked back! I’m happily married to my husband and business partner Dan. We have a rescued American Stafford Terrier who is spoiled beyond belief but she deserves it. I have two adult children and 2 awesome grandchildren (whom I wished were in South Carolina..I will have to work on that)! When I say real estate is my passion I know it sounds cliche’ but it really is. I tried several times to step away and do something else but I kept being drawn back. My heart and passion is real estate. I believe it’s not just buying or selling a home it’s so much more. It's all about the memories you make when you buy your home or the memories you have made that you will be saying goodbye to when you sell. Having lived in multiple homes in multiple states I never had a real attachment to any one home and I never realized how strong that attachment can be until I sold someone’s family home and it was very hard for them to let go. So unless you are an investor or flipper, real estate is very personal and it requires a personal touch. For me all my buyers or seller’s will never be “just a transaction” ; each individual will be listened to and validated from beginning to end. In the end I hope we go from client to friends and that because I’ve taken such good care of them they gladly refer me to their family, friends and co-workers. With that said I look forward to assisting you with any of your real estate needs. Outside of real estate I am involved in various non profit groups and look for ways to be involved as much as possible with all that goes on in the Town of Summerville where our office is located.

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